Battery Powered Pressure Transducers

With 75 years of industry experience, CM Buck has a proven track record of working with OEMs to provide solutions that meet their unique and demanding requirements. Our OEM specialists help clients select the best product available to meet application requirements at the best total cost.

No OEM need is too demanding in our book. We’re happy to pinpoint solutions, no matter the particular need. Recently our OEM team was able to assist a customer with their specific need for reliable sensor in a remote location. Often power is limited in isolated locations, yet the need for sensors in these areas is not.

For this specific OEM need, CM Buck brought American Sensor Technologies (AST) to the table as trusted solution. In remote applications, the common choice for powering sensors and other instrumentation is battery power. However, changing batteries is a costly operation in isolated areas, so low power consumption is a key feature when selecting a pressure sensor. CM Buck OEM solutions partner, AST, has released a new analog voltage output signal to be used with battery powered systems that consumes less than 3mA of current during operation.

This output is 0.5V to 2.5V full scale output, powered with 3-5V of unregulated power, including 3.3V lithium batteries.

This excitation range allows the use of these batteries without adding a DC-to-DC converter, which increases power budget efficiency.

In addition to low current consumption, AST’s sensors can be “pulsed” on when a reading is needed so there is no need to constantly power the sensor. In approximately 80msec, the pressure sensor can be powered, provide an output signal for data capture, and be de-energized, further enhancing battery life.

The output signal is now available on hazardous and non-hazardous location products, including submersible pressure-based level sensors, as well.

Our team was pleased to be able to come to the rescue with a specific solution that fit the customer’s needs. Our various OEM solutions include pressure, level, temperature, flow and control applications and span markets such as: medical and laboratory equipment, food service equipment, combustion systems, industrial and commercial machinery, alternative energy solutions, water treatment systems, engines and compressors to name a few. Have a unique application need you’d like to fulfill? Contact us today. Our OEM specialists are here to help.

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