When It Comes to LEDs, We’re Definitely “Surge Doctors”

Did you know that since the National Lightning Detection Network (NLDN) was installed in 1989 there has been an average of about 500,000 cloud to ground recorded lightning strikes in Indiana & Kentucky every year?


Ave # CG Strikes
Ave # CG Strikes
per sq. mile
Lightning Fatalities (1959-2011)
Indiana 510,110 14.19 90
Kentucky 550,397 13.7 94
Ohio Text 11.2 145


A lightning strike does not have to happen at your facility to cause a spike in electrical current. Just striking a power line in your surrounding area can cause a spike strong enough to burn out a computer, monitor, printer, router or effect other sensitive electronics, such as your LEDs.

A power surge can occur when the electrical current is spiked (such as a lighting strike) or when electrical current is interrupted (such as regular utility switching events). Most power surges are brief and can be as small as five volts, or they can be up to hundreds of thousands of volts. Small power surges occur often but usually do not leave any outward evidence. Many surges are actually generated internally, from within your own building and you may not ever know they happened.

Some examples of internal and external power surge causes include:

  • High Power Electrical Devices
  • Laser Printers
  • High Power Appliances, Power Tools or Machines
  • Air Conditioners and Space Heaters
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Tree Limbs Falling
  • Small Animals Getting Into Utility Equipment
  • Lightning Striking Utility Equipment

Having surge protection for your LED luminaires can greatly assist in their lifespan, performance and maintaining the factory warranty. Many LED manufacturers are moving towards providing their customers with specific guidelines for surge protection for proper functionality and to maintain the warranty for their LEDs.

At CM Buck & Associates, we work with the best of the best within the lighting and power industries. Our knowledgeable engineers consider themselves “surge doctors” when it comes to protecting against power fluctuations. They know exactly which “medication” is right for your LED project. Watch for our upcoming in depth white paper on LEDs and power surges. It will be full of real world experience and suggestions for LED surge and electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection.

Have a question about LEDs and surge protection? Our team is here to help. Contact us today.


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