Clean water isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Many of us may never give it a second thought, but water treatment facility managers and engineers know a power outage or electrical failure could mean big problems if backup systems or outdated equipment can’t be counted upon.

That’s why CM Buck Power was chosen to ensure one local private water treatment facility can stay up and running at all times — no matter what.

With automatic transfer switches, portable generators and a new docking station from the most trusted manufacturers in electrical infrastructure, our CM Buck Power experts engineered a solution designed for fast, safe and effective transfers between normal power and portable generators.

Two 2000A ASCO Power Technologies 7000 Series automatic transfer switches allow the facility to seamlessly shift between power sources with both local and remote capabilities for smarter, safer and more convenient power control.

Thanks to a familiarity with CM Buck Power’s preferred products through previous installations, the treatment facility’s owner also selected a 4000A generator docking station from our partners at Trystar.

Should the facility’s power ever fail, Trystar emergency portable generators can be connected quickly and safely in order to keep operations flowing (pun intended).

CM Buck Power provided a complete, comprehensive and problem-solving solution that gives our partners peace of mind in the face of any unpredictable or unforeseen circumstances.

Across water treatment facilities, similar public and private utility headquarters, healthcare campuses, data centers, financial institutions, research labs, manufacturing hubs and more, our experts ensure winter storms, year-round severe weather or other outside threats of power loss won’t be a source of stress or impair critical work, treatment or monitoring.

Can you count on your facility’s electrical infrastructure? Reach out to our team today to discuss your current systems, concerns and any future needs. We look forward to becoming a trusted advisor you can count on for your next project.

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