APC by Schneider Electric is the worldwide No. 1 provider of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, surge protection, power conditioning and power distribution solutions and caters to data center protection and monitoring, among other applications.

Companies around the world and within every industry rely on APC’s scalable solutions to keep their facilities running – no matter what. From data centers to healthcare facilities and commercial buildings to single-family homes, millions of people have benefited from APC’s history of innovation in critical power, cooling and IT management technologies.

With cost-effective UPS systems that range from small, single-phase units to large three-phase systems, APC products can protect the power and IT infrastructure of large and small campuses alike.

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About APC by Schneider Electric

American Power Conversion (APC) was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2007 and is a trusted global leader in critical power, cooling and IT management solutions. Schneider Electric believes access to energy and digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability is a basic human right and empowers all to make the most of their technology and resources, ensuring “Life is On” everywhere, for everyone, at every moment. For more information, visit apc.com.

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