Balancing the art, science and functional performance of exceptional lighting design, our experts can offer a system of products best suited for your facility with the very best in commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures.
LED installations or a retrofit of your facility can deliver rapid return on investment with lower energy bills and minimal-to-nonexistent maintenance costs. Upgraded lighting systems not only improve the quality of light and the look of your organization — they can also contribute to reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.
Our lighting manufacturers are some of the biggest, best and most well-respected in terms of style and function within the industry, able to provide superior performance in any interior or outdoor setting, including:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Entertainment venues, theaters and studios
  • Auditoriums, gymnasiums and churches
  • Educational campuses
  • Manufacturing and industrial plants
  • Retail establishments
  • Commercial office complexes
  • Municipal properties
  • And more

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CM Buck & Associates, Inc. offers its design services to the electrical specification community for lighting and lighting controls. Our experts can advise on your project for superior results.

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Thanks to exciting new partnerships with world-class manufacturers, we’re offering even more than energy-efficient fixtures, elegant luminaires and LED retrofits. CM Buck Controls provides state-of-the art lighting control products, systems and software, allowing you to completely create the look and feel of your environment’s lighting, while improving functionality and efficiency.


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Our expertise with LED retrofits and advanced lighting solutions continues to grow as we work with more of the region’s leading companies and premiere projects.


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Clark Simpson Lighting Division Manager
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Ben Rist-Brown Head of Design
Theresa Ford Inside Sales/Project Manager
Dana Bruce Project Manager
Tammi Kegerreis Outside Sales
Tyler Shippy Outside Sales
Spencer Maxwell Outside Sales- Kentucky
Lisa Dettweiler Post Order Sales
James Zenor Specification Sales
Brian Taylor Controls Specialist

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Request a photometric layout of your facility today for a no-obligation analysis of your facility’s current lighting quality, design, style and performance. The review will help determine the optimal type, perfect amount and best styles of luminaires to give you the best lighting experience in your space.

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