Project Details:
Together, CM Buck and ASCO Power Technologies ensured that Parkview Health is able to maintain patient well-being, comply with Joint Commission requirements and sustain operations with reliable power control and backup systems capable of powering life-safety and critical loads in the event of an emergency.

Solution Provided:
Along with our valued manufacturer partner, ASCO Power Technologies, we provided an ASCO Medium Voltage Generator Paralleling Control System that included three generator control sections, six power distribution sections, and a master control section as well as qty 32 ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches w/Bypass Isolation.   The Generator Paralleling System consisted of three 2MW Generators, connecting them to building loads through the 32 ASCO 7000 Series 480-volt isolation-bypass automatic transfer switches, with ampacities ranging from 200-2000 Amps.  This two-part project began in 2012, when the hospital was constructed, and completed in early 2020 when a patient towers was added including an additional 6 ASCO 7000 Series 480-volt isolation-bypass automatic transfer switches & an additional 2MW Generator for a total Generator capacity of 8MW.

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